Smart Payroll


SmartPayroll+HR making life easier for business owners. SmartPayroll is an easy-to-use online payroll system. Based in New Zealand, Smart Payroll makes it simple to pay employees and contractors and send reports to the IRD.

SmartPayroll is a World class Payroll + HR software. They are innovation leaders because their total focus is to bring the best Payroll + HR with seamless integration into the accounting system. Get the most out of your team, with recruitment, onboarding, induction, performance appraisals, terminations and dismissals and helpful alerts with everything digitally stored in the employee HR file.

Why SmartPayroll?

Some of the important features of SmartPayroll and SmartHR are,

  • Customer service
  • World class Payroll + HR
  • Set Up and Training
  • New Zealand's 1st Payroll Apps
  • One Touch Pay
  • Employment Contract
  • HR Performance Management
  • Cloud based and rock solid security