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Logic Accounting is ranked as one of the most renowned small business financial software all across the Middle East. Power packed with a whole range of powerful features, it not only shows where the business stands financially with exact precision, but also allows users to save time by and concentrating on the key aspects of the business and getting things more organized.

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Why Logic Accounting?
  • Your get the information you need faster and easier with a simplified, more intuitive navigation.
  • We took the best of design and modernized the look and feel, so that all of your everyday tasks are easy and efficient.
  • Bigger fonts, taller row heights on forms and registers, and updated colors dramatically improves readability so you can focus on task at hand.
  • Icon bar on the left of the screen gives easy access to open windows and most common tasks, such as viewing account balances and favorite reports.
  • Easier on the eye with powerful tools and shortcuts
  • Spend more time on your business and less time learning a software.