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Maximizer CRM - An all in one online CRM Software

Maximizer Software is the leading provider of simple, accessible and affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions. Since 1986 Maximizer has been helping businesses increase sales, generate high quality leads, raise productivity and revenues while delighting customers.

Accelerate sales & productivity with maximizer

Get everything for sales leads, support tickets and campaigns, plus analytics and more on a single platform that speeds you up. Maximizer CRM is simple to deploy and learn, and it easily adjusts to your way of doing business.

Maximizer CRM

Features Of Maximizer CRM

Contact management

Get a complete view of your customer including contacts, communications, documents and activity history.

Sales automation

Close more deals and visualize performance using powerful sales tools that adjust to your processes.


Boost customer engagement with every tool for outstanding data-driven campaigns.

Customer service

Exceed customer expectations with smarter, faster service tools you can access from anywhere.

Cloud & on-premise CRM

Experience more choice and control with two flexible deployment options that grow with your business.

Reports & dashboards

Quickly spot trends with versatile dashboards — and drill into your data with automated reporting.


Connect Maximizer with MailChimp, Gmail, Outlook, Excel and more using our pre-built integrations.

Setup & onboarding

Easily setup Maximizer yourself and have it work right away — or let us do all the work and maximize your ROI.

Maximizer CRM for all the Industries

Financial advisors
Higher Education
Wholesale & Distribution

Contact Management

Find every contact and communication

Drive productivity by capturing every contact and communication in a single searchable location.

Search & filters

Shrink your data mountain to a molehill with wide-ranging search criteria & filters built for sales, marketing, service and support. And you can save favorite searches for later.

Automatically track emails

Drive productivity and success by tracking all your contacts and email communications inside a single application. Sync Maximizer with Outlook and Gmail in almost no time using our pre-built integrations.

Call logging

Identify top performers and those in need of coaching with automatic call logging. See who your reps called, along with call date, time and length at a glance. Plus capture call details in notes that are searchable by keyword.

Attach files to contacts and companies

Find a specific document related to a record without searching your entire library. Attach a file to an address book contact for easy retrieval — or hyperlink to articles stored in the cloud.

maximizer CRM

Sales Automation

Take sales to the next level. Store all your customer information in ones convenient, action-oriented workspace easily tailored to match your sales process. Manage accounts, route leads effectively, collaborate on sales opportunities, and get visibility into your sales pipeline and revenue.

Optimize each stage of your sales process to drive opportunities through your pipeline.

Sales pipeline management

Shorten the sales cycle with proactive management of your entire sales pipeline. Personalize each stage in moments and add as many steps as you want and see your entire pipeline process at a glance.

Get pipeline visibility

Get a complete overview of your sales stages and your team’s progress towards their goals.

Sales reports

Dig deeper into your sales data with interactive Excel reports. Choose from our built-in library of popular report templates or upload your own, and populate it with your favorite data points at a click.

Sales dashboards

View and digest sales information through a graphical dashboard personalized with your chosen metrics. Compare won and lost opportunities, and monitor rep performance, with every important detail available at a glance.

Sales forecasting

Personalize the way you consume sales information with intuitive sales reports. Track critical metrics like probability of close. Perform weighted and unweighted forecasts, and anticipate revenues based on team, territory, channel or rep.

Sales goal tracking

See who your top performers are and plan effective sales strategies. Follow key indicators including progress to quota and probability of close — and create intuitive graphs and charts you can use to motivate your team.

Alerts & notifications

Stay on top of important events and what your team is doing. Trigger notifications on data capture fields. Know the moment you land a big opportunity — or when an account changes territories. Never forget a birthday, anniversary or follow-up call.

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