Knowledge Sync

KnowledgeSync Workflow

KnowledgeSync provides an organization with a single solution with which you can monitor and respond to important business conditions within all of your front-office and back-office software solutions.

Workflow Automation

Business Activity Monitoring is all about delivering the right information at the right time. But sending critical information to the right people is only part of that solution. Delivering information to your business applications – in the form of intelligent workflow – is the other part of that solution.

KnowledgeSync Workflow by Gnet
KnowledgeSync Workflow

KnowledgeSync can update your business applications with an event’s details. KnowledgeSync can record the fact that a customer has been re-sent an overdue invoice; it can update a vendor’s record with details on an expiring lease; or it can take the details of an incoming email message and create a support ticket in your Help Desk database.

f KnowledgeSync identifies that a client has an overdue payment, KnowledgeSync can schedule a call for that client’s salesperson. If a lease is about to expire, KnowledgeSync can create a to-do item for that vendor. And if a support call has not been addressed, KnowledgeSync can escalate that call.